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Would you like to become a sponsor Contact us at:



We will contact you and send you the sponsorship certificate by post. We will contact you one month before your visit to the alp. 


The animals and We thank you!

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Highland cattle, including bulls, are considered relatively docile and less aggressive than other cow breeds. This is partly because a strict hierarchy keeps aggression between different cattle at bay. Calves "inherit" the social status of their mothers, so to speak, and then adapt to a hierarchy based on rank, sex and age.

Highland cattle are also considered quite docile in contact with humans and other animals.


The long orange coat, along with the curved horns, is the trademark of the Highland Cattle. It consists of two layers: a bottom layer that keeps the animals nice and warm, while the top layer consists of longer hairs, is water-repellent and also protects sensitive parts of the body, such as the head and eyes.


For us it is clear that the animals at Kürbishof should and may also spend their twilight years here.


We dedicate ourselves to our animals with joy, love and passion.


Would you also like to contribute something? For this purpose, we have launched the project "Animal Sponsorship".


The sponsorship can be taken over by yourself, your child or the business. It also makes an excellent gift. 


As a registered sponsor, you receive exclusive rights:


Sponsorship certificate by post

Once a year a guided hike to the alp to visit the animals in summer incl. food and farm gift.



Annual fee for sponsorship


Business (2 persons): 340 CHF


Family (4 persons): 240 CHF


Child (1 person plus accompanying person): 120 CHF

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